This page lets you explore the primary geographical location of each of the novels in our database.

Click on the dots to see which novel is located there. The table below the map provides more details about each novel.


Title Author Setting Published
There Was a Young Man from Cardiff Dannie Abse 1991
O. Jones, O. Jones Dannie Abse 1970
The Strange Case of Dr. Simmonds & Dr. Glas Dannie Abse 2002
Welsh Retrospective Dannie Abse 2008
Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve Dannie Abse 1954
The Whispering Mountain Joan Aiken 1970
The Old Devils Kingsley Amis 1986
That Uncertain Feeling Kingsley Amis 1955
Hanbury Park Carol Ann Lewis 2013
Death Studies Lindsay Ashford 2006
Kingdom of the Grail A A Attanasio 1994
Sir Cosmo Digby St John James Augustus 1843
The Detour Gerbrand Bakker translated into English by David Colmer, 2010
Longing Mary Balogh 2015
Simply Love (Simply Quartet No.2) Mary Balogh 2006
Truly Mary Balogh 1996
In Dewisland S Baring-Goul 1919
Never on Saturday Sue Barnard 2017
The Confirmation John Barnie 1992
Changing Patterns Judith Barrow 2013
Devilsh Delights Jill Barry 2013
Smoking Flax E G Bartlett 1977
Rubbernecker Belinda Bauer 2014
Carrie's War Nina Bawden 1973
The Undertaker's Gift (Torchwood) Trevor Baxendale 2010
Gladys, the Reaper Anne Beale 1860
Rose Mervyn: a Tale of the Rebecca Riots Anne Beale 1890
Something Must Be Done Dora Beale Polk 2003
Flame and Slag Ron Berry 1968
So Long, Hector Bebb Ron Berry 1970
This Bygone Ron Berry 1996
Hunters and Hunted Ron Berry 1960
The Full-Time Amateur Ron Berry 1966
Daniel's Beetles Tony Bianchi 2011
The Bones Beneath Mark Billingham 2015
Talking with the Dead Harry Bingham 2012
The Maid of Sker R D Blackmore 1873
The Raven Warrior Alice Borchardt 2003
Evans Above Rhys Bowen 1997
The Testimony of Taliesin Jones Rhidian Brook 1996
Jampot Smith Jeremy Brooks 1968
Gwen Penri: a Welsh Idyll John Bufton 1899
The Claude Glass Tom Bullough 2007
Addlands Tom Bullough 2016
A Tom Bullough 2012
Glass Shot Duncan Bush 1993
The Head Of Gonzo Davies Eddie Butler 2014
Slick Deals Helen Carrey 2011
Stripping Penguins Bare Michael Carson 1991
The Two Desires Mrs Cecil Popham 1908
On The Black Hill Bruce Chatwin 1982
Binary Witness Rosie Claverton 2014
Code Runner Rosie Claverton 2014
Two Pints and Two Bob Change Ted Cogdell 2017
Past Remembering Catrin Collier 1998
Hearts of Gold Catrin Collier 2003
Swansea Girls Catrin Collier 2001
Winners and Losers Catrin Collier 2004
Homecoming Catrin Collier 2003
All That Glitters Catrin Collier 1995
A Silver Lining Catrin Collier 1996
Such Sweet Sorrow Catrin Collier 1996
One Blue Moon Catrin Collier 1993
Spoils of War Catrin Collier 2000
Beggars and Choosers Catrin Collier 2003
Sinners and Shadows Catrin Collier 2004
Swansea Summer Catrin Collier 2013
Tiger Bay Blues (Brothers and Lovers) Catrin Collier 2007
The Land as Viewed from the Sea Richard Collins 2004
The Quality of Light Richard Collins 2011
The Chruch Warden Lilian Comer 1996
Penard Castle John Cook 1869
The Grey King Susan Cooper 1975
Peerless Jim Alexander Cordell 1986
The Hosts of Rebecca Alexander Cordell 1960
The Fire People Alexander Cordell 1973
Rape of the Fair Country Alexander Cordell 1979
Song of the Earth Alexander Cordell 1971
Rogue's March Alexander Cordell 1970
Land of My Fathers Alexander Cordell 1976
The Sweet and Bitter Earth Alexander Cordell 1995
Land of Heart's Desire Alexander Cordell 2000
Requiem for a Patriot Alexander Cordell 1988
This Proud and Savage Land Alexander Cordell 1986
The Love that God Forgot Alexander Cordell 1995
Framed Frank Cottrell Boyce 1966
Real Wraiths John Cowper Powys 1974
Porius John Cowper Powys 1951
The Citadel A J Cronin 1937
Arthur: The Seeing Stone Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2001
Arthur: At the Crossing Places Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2003
Arthur: King of the Middle March Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2015
Random Births and Lovehearts Catrin Dafydd 2015
Random Deaths and Custard Catrin Dafydd 2007
Y Llyfrgell (The Library) Fflur Dafydd 2011
Welcome Death Glyn Daniel 2014
Mr Perfect Joanna Davies 2013
Tree of Crows Lewis Davies 1996
Work, Sex and Rugby Lewis Davies 1993
My Piece of Happiness Lewis Davies 2000
Under the Rose Rhys Davies 1937
A Time to Laugh Rhys Davies 1935
Honey and Bread Rhys Davies 1947
The Dark Daughters Rhys Davies 1932
Count Your Blessings Rhys Davies 1933
The Red Hills Rhys Davies 1946
The Black Venus Rhys Davies 1952
Ram with Red Horns Rhys Davies 1975
The Withered Root Rhys Davies 1957
The Perishable Quality Rhys Davies 1941
Tomorrow to Fresh Woods Rhys Davies 2010
The Secret Sex Life of Polly Garter Tom Davies 2004
Freshers Joanna Davies 2007
The Welsh Girl Peter Davies 1939
Congratulate the Devil Howell Davies 1939
The Banner of David J P Day 1953
That Watery Glass Moira Dearnley 1973
Still Glides the Stream Barbara Dew Roberts 1940
The Charlie Trees Barbara Dew Roberts 1951
The Rebecca Rioter: a Story of Killay Life E A Dillwyn 1881
A Burglary: or Unconscious Influence E A Dillwyn 1883
The Caretaker (The Sin Bin) Dahlia Donovan 2016
Turner Karl Drinkwater 1991
Rebecca's Children Kate Dunn 1990
Submarine Joe Dunthorne 2008
Wild Abandon Joe Dunthorne 2011
The Ragged Mountain John Dyer 1965
Passiontide Stephen Earley 2002
The Hopkins Conundrum Simon Edge 2017
The Other Half Dana Edwards 2014
Winter Sonata Dorothy Edwards 1928
White Tree Sonia Edwards 2001
That Scoundrel Émile Dubois Lucinda Elliot 2013
Deep Waters Ronald Elwy Mitchell 1937
Follow Every Rainbow Doreen Evans 1934
Morgan Bible Caradoc Evans 1933
Wasps Caradoc Evans 1995
Nothing to Pay Caradoc Evans 1999
Giants John Evans 1995
Song of the Hills Margaret Evans 1978
Country Dance Margiad Evans 1932
The Wooden Doctor Margiad Evans 1933
Creed Margiad Evans 1936
The Old and the Young Margiad Evans 1948
Turf or Stone Margiad Evans 1934
The Caves of Alienation Stuart Evans 1977
The Voices of the Children George Ewart Evans 1947
Golden Hive Eleanor Fairburn 1966
Diving Heart Paul Ferris 1967
A Distant Country Paul Ferris 1983
Then We Fall Paul Ferris 1960
Children of Dust Paul Ferris 1988
A Gower Story Deborah Fisher 2001
The Summer Stars Alan Fisk 1992
Eve Green Susan Fletcher 2004
Oystercatchers Susan Fletcher 2007
All This Is Mine Ray French 2003
Beneath the Apple Blossom Kate Frost 2016
The Small Mine Menna Gallie 1968
In These Promiscuous Parts Menna Gallie 1986
The Cowards Tale Vanessa Gebbie 2011
Yanto Full-Pelt Tom Gilwern Davies 1990
Simon Peter: A Novel of Welsh Life Megan Glyn 1950
Hovering Chariot Megan Glyn 1968
The Childhood Land William Glynne-Jone 1960
Summer Long Ago William Glynne-Jone 1954
Farewell Innocence William Glynne-Jone 1950
Ride the White Stallion William Glynne-Jone 1951
Come Michaelmas Geraint Goodwin 1939
Watch for the Morning Geraint Goodwin 1938
The Heyday in the Blood Geraint Goodwin 1936
Owain Glyndwr: The Last Prince of Wales Peter Gordon Williams 2012
Copper Kingdom Iris Gower 1994
Honey's Farm Iris Gower 2001
Kingdom's Dream Iris Gower 1992
The Shoemaker's Daughter: A Swansea Family Saga Iris Gower 2010
Uncharted Jon Gower 2004
Crystal Spirit Roger Granelli 1995
Dark Edge Roger Granelli 1999
Status Zero Roger Granelli 1872
Death on Gower: a Helen Falconer Mystery Joanna Greenlaw 2012
Eden's Garden Juliet Greenwood 2012
The War Widow Lorna Grey 2000
Grits Niall Griffiths 2000
Stump Niall Griffiths 2007
Runt Niall Griffiths 2005
Nectar From a Stone Jane Guill 2005
Albert Regina Jones Dyfed Gyn Jones 1974
Until Our Blood is Dry Kit Habianic 2013
The Red House Mark Haddon 2012
The London Train Tessa Hadley 2011
The Master Bedroom Tessa Hadley 2007
The Coroner M R Hall 2009
The Town that Halloween forgot, the curse of Willow Creek K A Hambley 2009
Closure Gillian Hamer 2012
The Charter Gillian Hamer 2013
Complicit Gillian Hamer 2015
False Lights Gillian Hamer 2015
Cunval's Mission David Hancocks 2004
A Kingdom James Hanley 1978
"Anatomy of Llangyllwch", in Don Quixote Drowned James Hanley 1953
The Welsh Sonata James Hanley 1954
Another World James Hanley 1972
London Lovers Barbara Hardy 1996
Crimson Shore Gillian Hamer 2014
Pins and needles Rosie Harris 2004
The Pendragon's Banner Trilogy Helen Hollick 2000
Riding the Storm Susan Holliday 2000
The Turn of the Wheel Bronwen Hosie 2010
Crickdam Roscoe Howells 1990
The Lost Welsh Kingdom John Hughes 2015
The Tower Tristan Hughes 2003
Send My Cold Bones Home Tristan Hughes 2006
Before the Crying Ends John L Hughes 1977
Open Secrets Emyr Humphreys 1989
A Change of Heart Emyr Humphreys 1951
Ghosts and Strangers Emyr Humphreys 2001
The Gift Emyr Humphreys 1963
The Best of Friends Emyr Humphreys 1987
Flesh and Blood Emyr Humphreys 1999
Unconditional Surrender Emyr Humphreys 1997
Salt of the Earth Emyr Humphreys 1987
Outside the House of Baal Emyr Humphreys 1996
National Winner Emyr Humphreys 1971
The Gift of a Daughter Emyr Humphreys 1998
A Toy Epic Emyr Humphreys 1958
Bonds of Attachment Emyr Humphreys 1991
An Absolute Hero Emyr Humphreys 1988
The Shop Emyr Humphreys 2005
Hear and Forgive Emyr Humphreys 1952
The Italian Wife Emyr Humphreys 1957
A Man's Estate Emyr Humphreys 1955
Gently to the Summit Alan Hunter 1999
A Stranger Came Jim Hurn 1969
Good People Ewart Hutton 2013
Light Switches Are My Kryptonite Crystal Jeans 2017
Madocks John Idris Jones 2012
Starved Fields E Inglis Jones 1929
Pay thy Pleasure E Inglis Jones 1939
Crumbling Pageant Elisabeth Inglis Jones 1932
A Killer's Christmas in Wales Elizabeth J Duncan 2011
The House Above the Sea Elizabeth James 1999
Men Went to Cattraeth John James 1969
When the Kids Grow Up Ken James 2004
A Lantern for Lord Rhys Margot James 1986
The Cardi Comes Home Margot James 1956
Storm of Arberth Sian James 1994
A Small Country Sian James 1999
Outside Paradise Sian James 2001
Second Chance Sian James 2000
Paradise House Erica James 2003
In the Shadow of Jerwsalem D Graham Jenkins 1989
Guardian Angel Brian John 2007
On Angel Mountain Brian John 2001
Conspiracy of Angels Brian John 2012
Rebecca and The Angels Brian John 2004
Flying with Angels Brian John 2005
House of Angels Brian John 2002
Dark Angel Brian John 2003
Sacrifice Brian John 2009
Where She Went B E Jones 2017
Late in the Day Carol Jones 1983
The Dig Cynan Jones 2014
The Lily and the Dragon Dedwydd Jones 2002
The Sin Eater Gerry Jones 1971
Welsh Heirs Glyn Jones 1977
The Learning Lark Glyn Jones 2005
The Island of Apples Glyn Jones 1965
The Valley, the City, the Village Glyn Jones 1956
Times Like These Gwyn Jones 1936
Choral Symphony Jack Jones 1955
River Out of Eden Jack Jones 1951
Lily of the Valley Jack Jones 1952
Lucky Year Jack Jones 1952
Off to Philadelphia in the Morning Jack Jones 1951
Bidden to the Feast Jack Jones 1979
Black Parade Jack Jones 1935
Some Trust in Chariots Jack Jones 1948
Cwmardy Lewis Jones 1937
We Live Lewis Jones 1939
The Dreamstone Liane Jones 1992
Water Lloyd Jones 2014
Tangwstyl Mansel Jones 2010
Lonely's Game R W Jones 1993
The Tower is Everywhere Richard Jones 1971
Moss Gatherers Tia Jones 2013
On Open Ground Tia Jones 2008
Everything I Found on The Beach Cynan Jones 2011
The Long Dry Cynan Jones 2006
The Iron Masters: An Historical Novel of the Napoleonic Wars Graham Jones 2014
Mr Cassini Lloyd Jones 2006
The Curlew's Cry Tia Jones 2016
A Childhood in a Welsh Mining Valley Vivian Jones 2017
The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals Wendy Jones 2012
Make Room for the Jester Stead Jones 1964
Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful Deborah Kay Davies 2008
Tirzah and the Prince of Crows Deborah Kay Davies 2018
Named of the Dragon Susanna Kearsley 2015
Baptism Max Kinnings 2012
Lion rampant : the story of Owain and Nest Bernard Knight 1972
Home from the Sea Mercedes Lackey 2012
Gifted Nikita Lawani 2007
The Paradise War Stephen Lawhead 1991
Pendragon Stephen Lawhead 1994
Tuck Stephen Lawhead 2009
Hood Stephen Lawhead 2007
The Ghosts of China G I Lewis 2015
Sparrowdance Anne Lewis 2001
Dew on the Grass Eiluned Lewis 1934
The Captain's Wife Eiluned Lewis 1944
Advantages of the older man Gwyneth Lewis 2014
Chapel : the story of a Welsh family Miles Lewis 1916
Bank of the black sheep Robert Lewis 2010
Last Llanelli train Robert Lewis 2005
Swansea Terminal Robert Lewis 2007
Crtl-Alt-Delete Dave Lewis 2011
The House With Old Furniture Helen Lewis 2017
Martha, Jack & Shanco Caryl Lewis (translated by Gwen Davies) 2007
Monica Saunders Lewis (translated by Meic Stephens) 1930
Return Ticket Eigra Lewis Roberts 2006
Flight of the cuckoo Don Llewellyn 2013
How Green Was My Valley Richard Llewellyn 1939
The End of the Rug Richard Llewellyn 1969
Green, Green my Valley Now Richard Llewellyn 1975
Sweet Witch Richard Llewellyn 1955
From empty harbour to white ocean Robin Llywelyn 1996
The Perils of Pursuing A Prince Julia London 2014
The Misfortunes of Elphin Thomas Love Peacock 1991
Snow Sisters Carol Lovekin 2017
Ghostbird Carol Lovekin 2016
Dead Man Airbrushed Ieuan M Pugh 2014
The Hill of Dreams Arthur Machen 1924
The Green Round Arthur Machen 1933
I Let You Go Clare Mackintosh 2015
The Camarthen Underground Gaynor Madoc Leonard 2009
How They Educated Jones P Mansell Jones 1974
Bad Ideas Chemicals Lloyd Markham 2017
Score Howard Marks 2013
Raw Material J J Marsh 2013
Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers Wilkie Martin 2014
The Prince of Wales's Feathers David Matthew 1953
A Cottage By the Sea Carole Matthews 2013
Harry of Monmouth A M Maughan 1956
The Fall Simon Mawer 2003
The Way Things Were Hilda McKenzie 1998
Bronwen Hilda McKenzie 2002
The Sisters Hilda McKenzie 1993
A Ray of Sunshine Hilda McKenzie 1995
The Widows Makers Series Jean Meade 2011
Book of Idiots Christopher Meredith 2012
Griffri Christopher Meredith 1994
Sidereal Time Christopher Meredith 1998
Brotherhood Catherine Merriman 2003
State of Desire Catherine Merriman 1997
The List Graham H Miller 2017
Heartbreak Hotel Deborah Moggach 2013
The Englishman who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain David and Ivor Monger 1995
The Apple Boughs Desley Moore 1997
Such Morning Songs Desley Moore 1992
Once Below a Time Desley Moore 2001
A Time for Silence Thorne Moore 2012
The Welsh Cottage Olivia More 1971
The Glyndwr Rose Chloris Morgan 2003
My Lamp Still Burns Robert Morgan 1981
Salt Blue Gillian Morgan 2010
Melog Mihangel Morgan (Tranlsated by Christopher Meredith) 2005
Alien Rain Ruth Morgan 2016
The Welsh Healer Ginger Myrick 2012
Owen Tanat: a Story of Welsh Story Alfred Neobard Palmer 1897
Gwyneth of the Welsh hills Edith Nepean 1917
The Snow Pasture P H Newby 1949
The Young May Moon P H Newby 1950
Downtrain Robert Nisbet 2004
Eva Shell Kate North 2008
The Long Walk Home Will North 2007
Testimonies Patrick O'Brien 1952
In an Old Welsh Farmhouse J G Olsson 2002
Last Hit Llwyd Owen 2013
Faith, Hope and Love Llwyd Owen 2006
Dear Old Wales: a Patriotic Love Story T Owen Charles 1912
Pestilence William Owen Roberts (translated by Elisabeth Roberts) 1981
White Lion, Red Dragon Nobilia Paen 2003
The Brothers of Gwynedd Edith Pargeter 1989
Disputed Land Tim Pears 2012
Landed Tim Pears 2011
Here Be Dragons Sharon Kay Penman 1985
Falls the Shadow Sharon Kay Penman 1988
The Reckoning Sharon Kay Penman 1991
A Morbid Taste for Bones Ellis Peters 1977
Monk's Hood Ellis Peters 1980
One Corpse Too Many Ellis Peters 1979
The Heretic's Apprentice Ellis Peters 1989
The Pilgrim of Hate Ellis Peters 1984
Dead Man's Ransom Ellis Peters 1984
The Summer of the Danes Ellis Peters 1991
Fredwyn Peter Preece 2004
The Last Train to Gloryhole Keith Price 2013
Life of Rebecca Jones Angharad Price (translated from the Welsh by Lloyd Jones) 2003
They Made a People Benjamin Price Davies 1947
Un Nos Ola Leuad (One Moonlit Night) Caradog Prichard 1961
The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce 2005
Last Tango in Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce 2004
From Aberystwyth with Love Malcolm Pryce 2009
Don't Cry For Me Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce 2007
Folk Music Sheenagh Pugh 1999
The Broken Bridge Philip Pullman 1990
Where billows roll : a tale of the Welsh coast Allen Raine 1909
Welsh witch : a romance of rough places Allen Raine 1902
Welsh Singer Allen Raine 1906
Queen of the rushes : a tale of the Welsh Revival Allen Raine 1906
Hearts of Wales : an old romance Allen Raine 1905
Torn Sails Allen Raine 1897
By Berwen Banks Allen Raine 1899
Garthowen: A Story of a Welsh Homestead Allen Raine 1900
Second Chances Denis F Ratcliffe 1996
Flint Margaret Redfern 2009
The Summer Flood Goronwy Rees 1932
A Bridge to Divide Them Goronwy Rees 1937
Llanartro: a Welsh Idyll Amy Dora Reynolds 1896
Gold Dan Rhodes 2008
The Rice Paper Diaries Francesca Rhydderch 2013
The Whistling Maid Ernest Rhys 1900
The House in Wales Richard Rhys Jones 2013
Ennal's Point Alun Richards 1979
A Woman of Experience Alun Richards 1969
Barque Whisper Alun Richards 1979
Sacred Fire Haydn Richards 1993
Home to an Empty House Alun Richards 1973
Crybbe Phil Rickman 1993
December Phil Rickman 1994
Candlenight Phil Rickman 1991
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Ransom Riggs 2011
Hiraeth : a mark - marc Liz Riley Jones 2015
Feet in Chains Kate Roberts, translated by Katie Gramich 1936
Lowri Grace Roberts 1956
Mother Island Bethan Roberts 2015
Tea in the Heather Kate Roberts 1959
Pendarvis Sally Roberts Jones 1992
Folkore of Gwent Alan Roderick 1983
Fortune Made His Sword Martha Rofheart 1972
From hand to hand : the Welsh novel "O law i law" T Rowland Hughes 1943
I Sent a Letter to My Love Bernice Rubens 1975
Midnight Sky Jan Ruth 2013
Dark Water Jan Ruth 2014
White Horizon Jan Ruth 2013
Silver Rain Jan Ruth 2014
A Long Way From Home Jan Ruth 2014
With Angels and Furies John Sam Jones 2005
Resistance Owen Sheers 2007
A Liking for Chocolate Pete Sheterline 2015
Landor's Tower: Or, The Imaginary Conversations Iain Sinclair 2001
Dream On Dai Smith 2013
What I Know I Cannot Say Dai Smith 2016
The Cambrian Hero William Sotheby 1800
Cold Remains Sally Spedding 2012
Landsker Brenda Squires 2005
Seasoning Manon Steffan Ros 2015
The Glass Class Suzi Stembridge 2015
Bard for Highgrove : a likely story Meic Stephens 2010
The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart 1973
The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart 1970
Earth Hums in B Flat Mari Strachan 2010
Blow on a dead man's embers Mari Strachan 2011
Shop in the Mountain Showell Styles 1968
Sword at Sunset Rosemary Sutcliff 1971
Surviving the Evacuation: Anglesey Frank Tayell 2016
Drustan the Wanderer Anna Taylor 1971
Not Quite White Simon Thirsk 2010
Luggage From Elsewhere Aneurin Gareth Thomas 2007
The Forerunner Elwyn Thomas 1910
Welsh Dawn Gareth Thomas 2014
Now Lead Us Home Gwyn Thomas 1952
A Point of Order Gwyn Thomas 1956
A Frost on My Frolic Gwyn Thomas 1953
All Things Betray Thee Gwyn Thomas 1956
The World Cannot Hear You Gwyn Thomas 1952
The Thinker and the Thrush Gwyn Thomas 1947
Sorrow for Thy Sons Gwyn Thomas 1986
The Stranger at My Side Gwyn Thomas 1954
The Dark Philosophers Gwyn Thomas 1947
The Alone to the Alone Gwyn Thomas 1947
Triskele Lowri Thomas 2014
My Mother's House. Lily Tobias 1931
Eunice Fleet Lily Tobias 2004
Coming of the King Nikolai Tolstoy 1989
Light Cakes for Tea. Eirlys Trefor 1958
Woman in a Valley of Stones Eirlys Trefor 1973
The Shiver Stone Sharon Tregenza 2014
In and Out of the Goldfish Bowl Rachel Tresize 2000
Sixteen Shades of Crazy Rachel Trezise 2011
Swansea Automatic Rhys Trimble 2015
Here are Lovers Hilda Vaughan 1926
The Battle to the Weak Hilda Vaughan 1925
The Soldier and the Gentlewoman Hilda Vaughan 1932
Her Father's House Hilda Vaughan 1930
Harvest Home Hilda Vaughan 1936
The Invader Hilda Vaughan 1928
Iron and Gold Hilda Vaughan 1942
The Curtain Rises Hilda Vaughan 1935
The candle and the Light Hilda Vaughan 1954
Pardon and Peace Hilda Vaughan 1945
All the Moon Long Richard Vaughan 1974
All Through the Night Richard Vaughan 1957
Moulded in Earth Richard Vaughan 1951
Son of Justin Richard Vaughan 1955
There is a River Richard Vaughan 1961
Who Rideth So Wild Richard Vaughan 1952
A Winter in the Hills John Wain 1970
The Betrothed Sir Walter Scott 1906
Mamgu : Portrait of a Puritan. David Walters 1964
Among Others Jo Walton 2011
What Happens at Christmas Evonne Wareham 2017
Tipping the Velvet Sarah Waters 1998
Iron Masters Graham Watkins 2014
Radiant brow : the epic of Taliesin H Catherine Watling 2014
Up Close Shelagh Weeks 2009
The Gauntlet Ronald Welch 1951
Hovel in the Hills Elizabeth West 1978
Garden in the Hills Elizabeth West 1981
Court in splendour : being a story of the first Eisteddfod as told by the people of the court Liz Whittaker 2009
Bardic monk : and the grave of King Arthur Liz Whittaker 2013
The Death of Danny Daggers Haydn Wilks 2015
Gaslight Eloise Williams 2017
Seaglass Eloise Williams 2018
Two Sketches of Womanhood Gwyn Williams 1975
The Woman in Back Row Herbert Williams 2000
Punters Herbert Williams 2002
Temperance Town John Williams 2004
Prince of Wales John Williams 2003
Cardiff Dead John Williams 2000
Murder at the Eisteddfod John Williams 1973
People of the Black Mountains. 1, The beginning... Raymond Williams 1989
People of the Black Mountains. 2, The eggs of the eagle Raymond Williams 1990
Fight for Manod Raymond Williams 1979
The Angry Vineyard Rhydwen Williams 1975
Mother Tongue Roger Williams 2005
The last of the Cambrian Princes Part 1, The Road to Aberconway. T D Williams 1960
The House on the Cliff Charlotte Williams 2013
Gaslight Elosise Williams 2017
The Corn is Green Emlyn Williams 1938
The Cardiff Trilogy John Williams 2006
Five Pubs, Two Bars and a Nightclub John Williams 1999
The Volunteers Raymond Williams 1978
Keeper of The Dream Penelope Williamson 1992
Word on the Street Romy Wood 2013
Daughter of Time Sarah Woodbury 2011
The Good Night Sarah Woodbury 2011
The Garden in the Clouds Antony Woodward 2010
August Gerard Woodward 2001
Mud Puppy Erica Wooff 2002
Mary Jones and Her Bible Christ Wright 2011
The December Letters : a novel Dafydd Wyn 1991
Spring of Youth Llywelyn Wyn Griffith 1971
The Way Lies West Llywelyn Wyn Griffith 1945

Unlike the main twelve novels mapped on this site, which were comprehensively geoparsed, each novel in this "library" map was allocated a single geolocation. This was chosen on the basis of one "primary" location in which the novel is set. This was not a standardised process; we made interpretive judgements depending on each novel’s imaginative depiction of its setting. Where novels did not name, renamed, or "invented" places, we allocated approximate "real" locations based on the depictions therein. As such, the map is not an incontestable cartography of English-language fiction in Wales. Rather, it is presented as a broad-brush impression of the geographical sweep of fiction set in Wales.

Please contact the Literary Atlas to tell us about novels that should be added to the database, or to tell us where you think a primary location is wrong.

(Thanks to our CUROP and SPIN students for their work on this page: Holly Cooper, Rachel Davies, Owen Locke, Demelza Monk, Marcus Sams, Alice Savage, Jess Thomas and Hana Undy.)